Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tool # 8 Post

The iPad / iPod touch devices will be another way of putting technology into the hands of SBISD students.  In watching the training videos, I learned that the material such as music, videos, apps, etc. are 1st downloaded onto the computer, and then through iTunes these materials are synced onto the the classroom devices.  I also learned how to set up an iTunes acct through the district.
In having these devices, it is important to incorporate a set of procedures to be followed when these devices will be used.  I would recommend that the students write these down themselves and that a set of rules is posted in the area where the devices will be used.  Students could create and embed a notebook "Foldable" into their interactive journals with these rules - they can reference these rules while working, and the teacher has something to refer to if he/she notices that students are not following the rules.  Also, it is important to create a class job such as "Classroom Technician" - these students would be responsible for getting out, setting up and putting away devices each day.  They could also help report to the teacher any issues that may come up with the device, or aid in "trouble shooting" to keep all the devices in working order.
One suggestion for classroom setup when using the Netbooks would be to have the students set up in a semicircle with desks facing away from teacher, so that when the laptop is up, all screens are facing toward the teacher, and he/she will be able to see more than one screen at a time.

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