Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tool # 11 Post

I have completed my Web 11 tools learning and taken the 40 question assessment. Whew!  I have learned that I still have much to learn.  I am intrigued by this and am inspired to become a Web Tools in Education lifetime learner!  As teachers learn about these tools and then "Transform" the way they approach their planning and instruction, they will find out that they too are also learners in their own classroom.
I have really enjoyed posting in my blog, and can see the value of having a tool like this available for students to use in the transformative process of a classroom setting.  I also had fun with the Voki and Animoto tools, and have found out about other tools that are similar to these.  Something has got to happen in Spring Branch ISD, and the best way for things to happen is as Eric Jensen says - "For things to change, I must change".  If we keep using the same strategies and the students keep failing......Who's really the Slow Learner?(Eric Jensen-also!)
I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of  this learning occasion.  I have learned that I can be a lifelong learner and that there is much to learn from others around me and out in the world.  I plan to continue finding opportunities for teachers to embed the technology pieces along with the knowledge skills that Texas has commissioned us to impart upon the precious minds that walk into our classrooms.

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