Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tool # 6 Post

In reading about the tools in this section, I came across the poll everywhere sight. It is very easy to set up a poll, you can join for free and students can incorporate technology when answering.  A poll can definitely be taken at the beginning or end of a lesson.  Teachers can check for understanding, collect opinions and generate classroom discussion as the students get to see their responses instantly.  This is a tool that teachers can keep handy and use at anytime during a lesson.  Give this a try and vote for the catastrophic event that you believe has the greatest impact on humans and their environment.  You can text a code to 37606 or go online to and submit your code choice.
Poll Everywhere

The second tool that I explored was the "Wallwisher" sight.  I have participated in one of these before, and it was fun to create and embed my own.  This would be great fun to use when collaborating with colleagues across the district, state, country and world.  I am going to follow the blog and see if I can learn more about how to use this tool.  I have created a set for use with a unit on Gravity.  This concept is very important all throughout MS Science and is a new TEK for 6th grade.


  1. Wallwisher could be used in so many ways in the classroom. It could be a station/center where students post what they know about a certain topic and then you can look at, discuss, and use to prepare the lesson. Could be that each table has a netbook and work together to brainstorm on a topic. Then, on the Activboard the class could categorize the comments. Seen it used to record thoughts on a novel study.

  2. I left a sticky on your Wall! :-) Great way to use Wallwisher. Can you see teachers posting it and having students responsible to post a sticky at some point during the week? Then, they could discuss and categorize using the ACTIVboard.

  3. Hey Ro! I wasn't able to vote in the poll, but I did add a sticky to your Wallwisher. Glad to see you're having fun with it, too!