Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tool # 5 Post - part 2

The 2 tools that I used for this section was the Wordle sight and the Animoto sight.  I developed a set for Human Ocean Interactions (8th Grade Science TEK) by creating a wordle word cloud that used text from a websight on how humans interact with the Ocean environment.  Students could use the wordle I made to find words that relate to this topic and could then go and search for more text on credible websites and create their own wordles.  These could be inserted into the class blog.  This evening I ended my day by creating 2 Animoto short video clips. One clip was on my family vacation to Steamboat Springs a few years ago and the second one is showing pictures of the ocean envronment and how it can be affected by humans, both positively and negatively. I would like to explore how to make a longer video and how to add text, but I think that it will cost money to do this.  Is it possible to make a longer feature for free?  I will have to explore this on another day.  Enjoy my Animoto clips in the sections below.
Create your own video slideshow at

Create your own video slideshow at

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