Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tool # 4 Post

Going on to Google Docs was fairly easy. I sometimes tend to be afraid to click on things and try them, but this sight was pretty easy to set up and use. I created a Document that asked others to share Why Google Docs "Rock". I shared it with the DIS team and then also shared it with my sister who was sitting right next to me. She then jumped on and started collaborating with me and got to see what it looked like with more than one person on at the same time. (She had not ever seen that before,it was fun to show her) I also had 2 others Karen and Kathy get on and make contributions. Karen made a comment and I got to see how that works - very fun. I kept missing Karen, but if you set a time, you can get on and chat while working on the document - so cool.
Second thing was to create a Google Form, again this was easy, the video made it clear. Check out and join in on answering questions about Common Misconceptions in Earth Science. Your answers are importantFinally, Google Apps can be used in so many exciting ways. In my new role with the district this year, I can use the Docs as a way to communicate with Administrators, Teachers and Students on the campuses that I will be working at. Teachers sometimes do not have very much time during their day, by using a google doc, I can have a format set up where they can quickly comment and be on their way. If they are not able to attend a meeting, PD, or something like that, they can log on and we can chat while working on a document, presentation, lesson idea, etc. Check out my Doc-
Why Google Docs "Rock"

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