Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tool # 3 Post

I have been embedding videos into my flip charts for several years.  I like to use You tube and  Discovery Ed the most for finding my videos.  I went into my personal folders in My Videos and found a video about stars that could be useful by MS Science Teachers and inserted this into my Blog Post today.  I am not sure how to embed code into a blog to download a video from a website, when I tried to do this and then looked at the preview, all I saw was the code and no video.  I will have to keep practicing with this.

Copyright and Fair Use is a little confusing.  I had to watch the You tube video several times to try and  clearly understand what students need to know about this topic.  Students need to be aware of the nature, purpose, amount and effect of the information they have found and how they will transform it into something of value and purpose.  The teacher needs to allow opportunities for students to explore how they can demonstrate learning and make sure that they have a purpose for what they are doing.  My only problem with this is that if teachers do not provide good thought provoking questions about a topic for students to answer, it will be very easy for students to put in alot of time on something that does not show they are learning.  For instance, I spent 4 1/2 hours trying to get through Tool # 3 today. YIKES!
The final thing for this tool post was to go to the Picasa Web Album.  This was very confusing and hard to figure out.  I tried to make an album, and attempted to share pictures with a colleague.  I need to have someone show me how better to use this APP, as for now I think it is much easier to do a google search for an image.

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